Catch/Impass/Feyth [23.10-xx.xx]

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Catch/Impass/Feyth [23.10-xx.xx]

Beitragvon Simon » So 24. Okt 2010, 11:24

Sister Bliss hat geschrieben:Epic fights just ended in UD-V and TSG- between INIT./DT and -A-/SE/Coven/ROL/En Garde/Vera Cruz/etc. Numbers were approx 130 INIT. flying FIREWALL BS, 120 DT in Drakes vs. 300 Angry Hartz 4 - Tengu Mob (ADM) and 100 ROL in BS.

Hostiles reffed AZN station into 2nd cycle before we could get there, and managed to cut us off in IV-, forming up in UD-V on our in-gate to block our way. We called DT to come and assist before we jumped into UD-V. Local was around 600 as the fight started. We setup just off the in-gate and the fight was on, though lag was pretty bad as you would expect to begin with. Despite that, we were managing reps ok on manual cycle. DT got bubbled off gate and took a load of heat, getting pretty much wiped out. Hostiles then turned up all the heat on us, but FIREWALL kept us all safe and we were happily melting BS, Command Ships and Drakes as fast as CCP would allow. After a while with no losses on our side, hostiles warped off to leave us to loot.

Then CCP resets the node >.< and after frantic relogging in, we find ourselves in middle of 300 remaining hostiles, trying to get fleet and chains up and running and so on. We jump out of system and lose a handful of ppl who get bubbled/stuck jumping. Hostiles then make a beeline for TSG- with us chasing and picking off stragglers. We get to the TSG- gate with 112 INIT. and 50 DT survivors, with 300 hostiles setup on the other side. We make a turn for home so hostiles warp to TSG- station before we bumrush back and jump into system as ADM lands on gate. 2nd round fight starts with the TSG- node working pretty well. A Burn Eden sniping Mach/Nightmare gang is also off gate doing great job trying to insta our stuff (shakes fist). Nevertheless, some hero repping by the logi crew keeps ppl alive. DT manage to get to station and reship before coming back to gate to assist us before hostiles warp off and make a runner.

We then killed the SBU's and went home :-D

Full killstats I guess will be in tomorrow, though it looks like we killed approx 215 for 13 BS and a few Logi losses on the INIT. side.


Great fights all round, hope everyone had fun o7


Ps. Not sure why the ROL BS are showing as losses on our side.

Kein bock grad zu übersetzten ... mordsgaudi, anfangs durch CCP versaut, am ende einfach nu epischer Fight.

War sebst als Logi dabei, haben zig leute aus unter 50% strukke hochgereppt, lag in UDV- war der Horror, TSG- einer der lagreifesten Fights die ich seit langem (evtl sogar je für die numbers) erlebt hab, am anfang sogar etwas beim reppen gefailt weil die module sofort wieder ausgingen :beer:
I thank God for every fucking day that he gives me in Init. Ooh-rah.

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