Eve-Radio: Neuer Sendeplan! Neue Kanäle! Neue Talkshow mit D

Hier kommt sonst so alles rein...

Eve-Radio: Neuer Sendeplan! Neue Kanäle! Neue Talkshow mit D

Beitragvon RaZZZZia » Fr 27. Apr 2012, 19:31

ich werfs auch mal hier rein, die Sache mit den Devs muss gefördert werden...


As you (should) know, Eve Radio is rolling out a brand new schedule system designed to give you, the listener, much more choice and control over what you listen to on your favourite Eve Online extension.

For those not 100% upto speed on what this means, make sure you check THIS news item out. For those that aren't horribly behind the times, this all happens from Monday April 30th at 1900 gmt.

When it happens you will notice that certain parts of the Eve Radio website will look a bit different. The player, for one is getting a makeover to better facilitate all this wonderful choice you now have. The schedule is another that is going to get a bit of a facelift.

Beyond that, most of the changes are behind the scenes and will happen transparently to you. Rest assured, the technologists responsible for the abomonation we are about to birth upon you will no doubt be having a spasm or two trying to make sure it doesn't all horribly explode in your faces.

The truth is explosions are almost certainly going to happen. Bare with us during this explosive phase.

We will do our best to make sure the transition is as painless as possible so try not to get overly frustrated with any strangeness to start, we will get through it quickly and it's all for the betterment of our brand and service to you, the listener.

Speaking of betterment ... (drum roll) ..

From the 13th of next month we are introducing a brand new talk show to Eve Radio that will sit snugly on the sunday night PRIME schedule, replacing the existing Lemmings Leap but bringing you something even more exciting and unique.

CCP Affinity along with various other renowned devs will be producing and presenting a weekly talk and discussion show LIVE and exclusively on Eve Radio where all manner of news, insights and discussions will take place in an informative and entertaining way.

You'll no doubt recognise all the main players on this show and we invite you to join us and them every week for the very latest and best insider info direct from the horseys mouth.

There's more to talk about buuuuut let's be honest, we can't really top that one.

Seeya with the New Look Eve Radio next week ..


Eve-Radio bekommt einen neuen Sendeplan mit mehreren Sendern, getrennt nach Musikgenres und Talk/Event-Shows.

Dazu gibt es ab 13.05. jeden Sonntag eine Talkshow die von CCP Affinity und anderen Devs gestaltet wird!
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